SportPesa in Kenya: Your Ultimate Guide to Sports Betting

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You certainly know that Kenyans adore sports and when we talk about sports it’s impossible not to mention sports betting. This activity has changed significantly over the years and is now among the most popular forms of entertainment nationwide. However, with the advent of technology in our lives, choosing a fantastic platform for online betting has grown extremely challenging due to the massive number of brand-new betting websites that are entering the market. One of these platforms is SportPesa, a very well-liked sports betting website in Kenya that has grown in popularity over the past few years by providing its users with engaging and lucrative betting opportunities. Let’s discover it in detail and see what it has to offer. 

Brief Overview of SportPesa 

Brief Overview of SportPesa 

SportPesa was launched in 2014, making it a relatively new platform when compared to other sizable international websites like 1xBet, for instance. However, it had enough time to gain recognition and turn into a favorite among nearby punters. In addition, SportPesa is a multinational corporation with offices spread across a wide range of nations, including Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the United Kingdom. Currently, the website is best known for providing extremely lucrative sports betting opportunities and for being a user-friendly website that is both easy to use and advantageous for its users. To help you become more familiar with the platform, let us first explore the site’s key features and betting options before getting into the specifics.  

📎The site has a local license, which means that it operates legally in Kenya📱SportPesa has a mobile application available to Android users⚽There is a large collection of sports on the platform, including eSports and live betting💸You can profit from a cash out feature at any time
🕹️Besides betting on sports, you can also play casino games on the platform🎇There are numerous betting activities on the website, including a jackpot offer🖥️You can bet on virtual sports and events💵Withdrawals and deposits are rapid and convenient

SportPesa’s Pros and Cons

No sports betting website is perfect, and SportPesa is no exception. Despite having a lot of benefits, the website also has some drawbacks that should be considered before signing up. Let’s see what the platform lacks compared to what it has to offer.

✅Great sports array
✅Betting on eSportsVirtual sports available
✅Rapid money transactions
✅Casino games available
✅Convenient mobile app
✅Cash out feature
✅Live betting option
❌No mobile app for iOS users
❌Too few payment methods
❌No welcome bonus available
❌Limited array of promotional offers


Every bettor should be aware that a top sportsbook must unquestionably possess a license. If not, the betting website might be regarded as illegal and even unsafe for its users. Without a local license, sports betting websites typically engage in shady activities and are subject to blocking or deletion at any time, wiping out all of your money and personal data forever. 

We strongly advise against ever signing up with a bookmaker who does not have a valid license if you prefer to stay away from such uncomfortable situations.

For instance, SportPesa is a sportsbook that has all necessary licenses. The platform was granted a license by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), an official organization in charge of regulating gambling in Kenya. This license proves SportPesa’s dependability and trustworthiness and confirms that it is legitimately permitted to conduct business in the nation. 

Website’s Design and Usability

We investigated the SportPesa website to evaluate its layout and navigational features. First of all, we must point out that the platform is colored in a palette of very pleasing hues. The color scheme of the website is a combination of various blue tones that work incredibly well together to produce a very pleasing overall impression for the visitor’s eyes. Additionally, there are some white accents on the most significant buttons and tabs that really catch users’ attention.

The site’s buttons and tabs are arranged flawlessly so that everyone who visits the platform can easily find what they are looking for. Thanks to the site’s excellent organization and design, a novice or new visitor will not have any trouble finding what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. SportPesa is unquestionably an exception to the rule in Kenyan sportsbooks, which frequently have disorganized layouts that make it difficult for users to navigate between the various tabs and options.

The website’s usability is excellent. We had no trouble navigating the platform because it is incredibly responsive, quick, and easy to use. It does not glitch or have any bugs, which is unquestionably a positive sign.  

Mobile App’s Design and Usability

With the exception of being optimized for mobile devices, the SportPesa mobile application is very similar to the website. The color scheme of the app is the same as that of the desktop version, as are all of the betting options and features.

We should point out, though, that thanks to the app’s creators, platform users now have a more convenient way to bet while on the go than when using a browser to access the website. The app’s absence of an iOS version at this time is its only drawback.

Nevertheless, when we reviewed the SportPesa app for Android, we were pleasantly surprised by how responsive the program is. It is simple to use, quick to navigate, and unquestionably a great option for gamblers who favor using their mobile devices. You can think of it as a more user-friendly, compact version of the website. 

Available Sports on SportPesa

Sports on SportPesa

It goes without saying that a great sports betting website should offer a wide variety of sports and wagering options. Sports betting sites with a small selection of sports are typically less lucrative and diverse, giving their customers fewer opportunities to experiment and profit from a wide range of intriguing new options.

We can not say that SportPesa’s selection of sports is incredibly broad, but we also can not say that it is overly constrained. Users of the website can wager on all of the most well-known sports as well as intriguing options like eSports. Despite the fact that the platform’s sports collection is not incredibly extensive, we are confident that every bettor will find something on it to enjoy. These sports can be found among the most popular ones on the website.

⚽ Football

🏀 Basketball

🎾 Tennis

🏃 Cricket

⚾ Baseball


Offered Betting Markets

When betting online, betting markets are fantastic tools to experiment with. By creating special and one-of-a-kind combinations and taking advantage of the various odds offered, they enable bettors to increase their wagers. Both novices and experts frequently use these tools, making them an important component of many users’ betting processes. Naturally, SportPesa provides a variety of betting markets. Here are some of the most popular ones.

💸 1X2

💸 Match Outcome 

💸 Over/Under


💸 Draw No Bet

Available Payment Options

Payment Options

The more payment options there are on a website, the more comfortable it is. It is generally not a good sign when there are too few payment options available because it means that customers will have fewer options when transacting on the website. Unfortunately, SportPesa falls into that category. Despite the fact that the payment options on the site are widely used and regarded as trustworthy, there are still too few of them, making the deposit and withdrawal processes for users less convenient than on other websites. Without further ado, allow us to introduce the two payment options that SportPesa accepts.


M-Pesa is a popular payment method that is renowned for being dependable and trustworthy among internet users in general as well as sports bettors. This payment option is employed for completing any type of online transaction and enabling money transfers on websites. M-Pesa is an officially trustworthy payment option for those who like to deposit and withdraw their funds with ease and security because it is governed by the Central Bank of Kenya. 

If you’re interested in learning more about M-Pesa you can visit the following link

Airtel Money

Another popular online payment option is Airtel. Due to the fact that it is equally as safe and secure as M-Pesa, it is very well-liked. It currently offers online payment services with the fastest rate of growth in Kenya. It enables money transfers online via various platforms, including sports betting websites, and is well-liked throughout many African nations.

By visiting you will be able to find more information about Airtel Money.

Direct Deposit via USSD

For those who are not comfortable with the other two methods of payment and would prefer to use more conventional methods, SportPesa also allows USSD deposits, which is a very practical and well-liked option. You must dial a specific code on your mobile phone that should be associated with your baking account in order to deposit via USSD. 


SportPesa Promotions

SportPesa is quite aware that bonuses and gifts are a fantastic way to increase users’ experience and winnings. Although each promotional offer is very unique, in general they give bettors access to new opportunities that are far more advantageous for them than traditional betting without using any bonuses, such as free money or free bets.

However, it is important to note that there are currently no promotional offers available on the SportPesa website, which is a major letdown. We are shocked and disappointed by this discovery because it is extremely uncommon to find sports betting websites with no bonuses and not even a welcome package. 

Hopefully the platform will address this problem soon so that site visitors can take advantage of beneficial offers and improve their experience to make it more enjoyable and profitable than it is right now.

SportPesa’s Mobile Apps

One of the website’s strengths is undoubtedly its mobile applications, and yes, there are numerous ones for various website activities, not just one.

Since they enable users to place wagers wherever they are and do not require constant connection to a computer, mobile apps are generally a very great way for sports bettors to profit from their online experience. The younger generation of bettors prefers these applications while the older generation prefers the traditional method. However, with the tremendous growth of technology and advancements, mobile apps are increasingly becoming a thing for users generally.

Due to the variety of services the SportPesa website offers, the business chose to divide its various forms of entertainment into separate apps to simplify the betting process for the platform’s various user types. The three applications made by the group are listed below.

Sport App

Because sports betting enthusiasts make up the majority of platform users, the sports betting application is unquestionably SportPesa‘s most widely used one. The experience of members is even more comfortable using this app than it was using the desktop version of the website because it is used to conveniently place bets via a mobile phone.

If you have a strong mobile connection and the desire to win big, you can place sports bets using the SportPesa mobile app from any location. This app is a condensed version of the website inside your mobile device because it is easy to use and has all the same features as the desktop version of the sportsbook.

Another benefit of the app is that you can now receive notifications about your sports betting activity on a regular basis, alerting you to various types of news like your wager winning or losing and the start of significant competitions and matches.

Casino App

The Casino app is obviously related to casino activities on SportPesa, as you have probably already guessed. If you download and install it on your device, you can play casino games wherever you are, including barbershops, grocery stores, or even while lounging on your couch. Everything is now available on your mobile phone or other device, so you do not need a computer or travel to a specific location to play slots.

The SportPesa casino section is sizable, making it one of Kenya’s most intriguing collections of online slots. The mobile app enables you to easily access all of the casino’s website features via your mobile phone or device without making it a problem.

With this app, you will be able to regularly receive notifications and be in the thick of the action, just like with the sports betting app. However, this application enables playing not only casino games but also other kinds, like virtual and table games. At the moment, the games on the platform are mainly divided into three categories. 

🖥️Virtual games🕹️Slot machines🎉Table games

SP Score App

The SportPesa Score app is a very unique mobile application. One advantage the company has over other platforms is the fact that such applications are extremely uncommon on the local market. Basically, it gives users a more compact and practical way to track their bets and follow the games they wager on, as well as an overview of all the information they need for a comfortable betting experience. Here are some of the app’s primary functionalities.

✅ The ability to view all completed, ongoing, or upcoming games from your favorite teams using a unique feature in the application which makes accessing this information much more convenient than using the sportsbook’s desktop version. 

✅ The ability to watch highlights and most important information, including  the possibility to keep track of scores, cards, changes, and other types of events. 

✅ Examining the live match statistics which gives you the chance to view stats that are updated in real time from the field to your device. For gamblers who favor live betting, this option is very advantageous.

✅ The capacity to stay abreast of current sports news. You will receive the most recent local and international news, covering a variety of sports, right from the SportPesa Score application.

Why Does SportPesa Offer Only an App for Android?

It is a very good question, and it is unfortunate that Android is the only platform for which mobile apps are currently available. Sometimes sports betting companies simply do not have the capacity to create an iOS mobile app at the time, though they may be working on it. Everything depends on the company’s capabilities and willingness to expand the number of users who can access its services.

SportPesa’s mobile applications are undoubtedly fantastic, particularly the SP Score application, which has completely surprised us with how convenient it is for users who regularly place sports bets.

Additional Features on SportPesa

Since it offers a variety of features unrelated to sports, SportPesa is unlike a traditional sports betting website, as you have probably already realized. Users adore these features because they are simple to use and extremely profitable. Let us now look at some of the website’s extra features, such as some entertainment options like the casino section, the jackpots, and other kinds of gambling that are offered there.  


SportPesa offers a fantastic casino section with a wide variety of games in addition to sports betting. Right now, we can say with confidence that the website’s selection of casino games is sizable and diverse, bringing together different types of activities like slot machines, table games, and virtual games. It is fantastic that the business has chosen to offer its users a wide variety of other activities rather than just concentrating on sports betting, which is undoubtedly advantageous.

Naturally, there are a ton of other activities available in the casino section of the website as well, like scratch games, which are simple to understand and are a favorite among gamblers.


The website’s “Jackpots” feature is brand-new, which makes it even more intriguing for both seasoned players and newcomers. This website section appears to be very intriguing because it is initially difficult to understand, but as we learn more about it, we realize that the goal of the site’s jackpot offers is to encourage users to play more and win more. Currently, winning the SportPesa jackpot could net you up to KSH 326,600,470, which is unquestionably a very large sum of money.

Taking part in the SportPesa jackpot offer could definitely boost your winnings and it is without a doubt a very appealing type of entertainment for those bettors who enjoy risking and winning big sums of money.

Lucky Numbers

Another distinctive feature that seems to be both profitable and entertaining is “Lucky Numbers.” You will be able to engage in a different betting-related activity in this section of the website, allowing you to diversify your sports betting experience and make it a little more interesting than just placing bets online.

In a nutshell, lucky numbers is a game where players select a number and wait for a draw to take place. Similar to the lottery, the basic idea is that you choose, you wait for the results, and then you either win or lose.

SportPesa’s Customer Service in Kenya

SportPesa’s Customer Service

Any sports betting website must provide excellent customer service. The support staff should always be accessible, accommodating, and responsive. Users of SportPesa have a variety of ways to contact customer service, including email, phone, and social media. All users should be able to get a response to their questions within 24 hours thanks to the service’s round-the-clock availability. The various ways to contact the company are listed below.

📩 Email:

📞 Phone: 0709 079 079

💻 Facebook: SportpesaKenya


Despite its flaws, such as the absence of a mobile app for iOS users and other drawbacks, we think SportPesa looks great as a sports betting website. Our overall impression of the platform is very favorable, and we were pleasantly surprised by a number of its features, such as its extensive betting options and other gambling-related activities, its diversity, and the numerous mobile apps the organization has created for the convenience of its users. We had a great time exploring this platform and would unquestionably suggest it to both professionals and beginners.

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