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Dining for Literacy: Thank You!


Dining for Literacy: Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you so much for attending our charity fundraising dinner event held at E-San Thai Cuisine last Sunday, Dec 4, a benefit for Child Aid. Your contribution will help to improve the lives of marginalized children in Guatemala. Moreover, your presence at our event sent a message of hope and care for the children in need.

We want to especially thank Hoods Wind Cellar and Eastside Distilling, both local companies who donated gift baskets and bottles of wine to the attendees. We were glad to see happy faces holding their unexpected gifts.

We want to thank to all our customers, who came for the first time and to every single one of our return customers, for their support and loyalty to our company and we hope they had a good meal and a good time.

So again, thank you so much for your support. May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Mao Pathammavong (Owner, E-San Thai Cuisine)

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E-San Thai Cuisine & Non-Profit Child Aid: Dining for Literacy


Dining for Literacy

Join us for dinner at E-San Thai Cuisine on Sunday, December 4, and help us support literacy and education in rural Latin America. Child Aid combats poverty and illiteracy in Guatemala by empowering teachers and schools to improve the quality of education for their students; E-San Thai Cuisine will donate 25% of all proceeds from this event to Child Aid for this great cause.

E-San Thai Cuisine is donating portion of proceeds from that evening to Child Aid, a Portland-based non-profit that works in some of Guatemala’s poorest communities to promote literacy and improve the quality of education. Come out for a great dinner, meet some of Child Aid’s staff and supporters and help support the cause of education for kids who need it most.

Or, if you cannot attend but would like to donate then you may do so via the Donate link on Child Aid‘s website:

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E-San Thai Customer Appreciation Month (Lift & Win!)


Dine at our main restaurant in downtown Portland for your chance to win a free meal, it runs the entire month of August starting today!¬†ūüćĬ†

E-San Thai Cuisine was first opened on August 9, 1999; it started as an idea to bring fresh food from local markets to our customers every day. Because of our loyal customers who continue to support us and tell their friends about us, we were able to do what we love for 17 years strong … You even named us the #1 Best Thai Restaurant in Portland!!!

So, we wanted to do something fun and a little different as part of our Customer Appreciation Month and that’s invite you back to our main restaurant where you will automatically get a chance to win a free meal just by doing a little lifting. There will be custom¬†stickers placed under random plates, and all you’d have to do is look under your entr√©e plate … If your plate has a sticker on it then that dish will be complimentary! Easy, right? Please feel free to¬†bring in the whole family to give it a try! (Just be careful not to spill any food on yourself, though.¬†ūüėČ)

Thank you for being a part of our journey as our family move towards our 18th year in business with more food carts to add to the Portland map. We love serving you and seeing how much you enjoy our food! Once again, Thank You!!!

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Oregon Wine Vineyards to E-San Thai Cuisine Customers

Pinot Noir 2011, Hoods Wind Cellar (Lake Oswego, Oregon)

We are very proud to partner with Hoods Wind Cellar to bring this amazing wine for our loyal customers!

Hoods Wind Cellar is a tiny winery in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our production is under 1,000 cases per year. We make the wine the old-fashioned way, in small lots and with minimal manipulation. We age the wine in barrels for at least three years, which is much longer than average.

The extended barrel aging imparts a subtlety and refinement not found in moderne commercial wines. Our goal is to make old-world wines that enhance the enjoyment of food, and to do so in an environmentally respectful way. Olga’s Vineyard is 2 acres of Pinot Noir vines in Hood River, Oregon. It is situated on a gentle slope surrounded by ancient windswept oaks and rooted in glacial rock deposits. The glacial moraine which means up the soil includes rocks ranging in weight from a few ounces to tons.

It is a very difficult site to farm, but the quality of the small quantity of grapes produced is unique. This quality comes not only from the soil, but also from the persistent westerly wind which is healthful to the vines and fruit. The irrigation water is also unique: pure glacial melt directly from the Hood River — it is loaded with minerals eroded from the flanks of Mount Hood.

Our 2011 Pino Noir is an acidic old-world style dry wine, with a bouquet of “je ne sais quoi” qualities that keep one’s nose returning for more whiffs. In the mouth if can be described as “burgundian,” with smooth tannins balancing the acidity and complex flavors. The color is classic.

Hector Samkow & Tom Seppalainen
(toilers and laborers of the vines)

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